Wanderaboot – 50 videos old!

We have just posted our 50th video online and to celebrate we’ve created a “Videos” tab on the homepage so you can easily access all of our videos and watch our story from the beginning.

It was only 10 months ago when we packed up our cats and kissed goodbye to Toronto. Now here we are, half-way through our time in Korea, having visited 7 countries and 35 cities along with countless other places. We’ve had, and continue to have, an absolute blast as we wanderaboot and see what we can see.

There are still some gaps though which we have been slowly working on fixing. So look out for updates! Video highlights still to come include; The Busan Fireworks Festival, A Visit to the North Korean Border, Taipei, The Temples of Fukuoka, Running a 10k in the Demilitarized Zone, The Queen’s Jubilee, Tokyo, The Modern Toilet, Maokong Gondolas, Bangkok and more!


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