Macau was one of the strangest places I’ve ever stepped into. A world of casinos, a town centre like a snapshot from Europe and Chinese neons soaking the city in the eeriest light I’ve ever seen.

I suppose one of the key elements which caused Macau to be such an unusual, bewildering and pleasurable romp was due to the company we shared.
Lovely, little and Louisianian was miss Alyssa Lynn, as per usual. But the real cherry atop this holiday away goes by the name of a mister Ha Dae Oon…or as we call him “The Woon”

Ol Wooners had only ever traveled on a family trip before so needless to say this trip was a bit different from tour busses and
nestled between Hong Kong and China this bit of Chinese territory is a bit of a mystery to most people we ask. Imperialized by Portuguese settlers this city is a surreal demonstration of east meets west. Ancient European churches loom next Chinese lanterns. Wrought iron gates guard hanging gardens, cascading fountains and pagodas. The architecture of the “old city” scrambles your brain and makes you question whether you should be craving egg tarts or chow mein.

But it’s not just the appearance of this city that throws you, it’s residents, who vary anywhere between Asian and European, speak in a cacophony of Cantonese, Mandarin, Portuguese and Spanish. Throw in the English for the purposes of tourism and you’ve got yourself one multicultural masterpiece.

Macau was really “Vegasy” too! Super-exquisite architecture and flash flash flash. At first you think “blerg…casinos blehk.” But hen we took a step back and thought, well thank goodness for these weird buildings, because it means we ave an excuse to have some of the wackiest architecture we could every dream up. Some thing this shiny could not be passed up, and from past experience, we know that a lot of casinos provide free drinks, so…I mean it daint hurt to try!
We were all for it and eagerly on our way in when in the reflection of the super shiny walls we caught sight of a very hesitant Woon.
“Uhhh… Ill just wait out here.”
Oh crappers. We’ve been insensitive jerk friends. We should have asked if he has some sort of cultural objection to this…
“Maybe…I am too young to get in.”
Hahah silly Korean ages! Woon was legal in Korean age, but in western age he was only 20. And the gambling age is 21. So a tour of the lobby for us!
But man was this a cool lobby. Check this crazy-zay carvings!

After the casinos, and after our gross lunch of tasteless sandwiches we headed for the downtown. The cultural coolness centre!


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