CanyonerosMeet your charming authors:

Miss Tess Marie and Ol’ Thommy Two Guns

Tess is from IttyBitty Town,  Northern Ontario, Canada.

She spent her attractive years in the tundra foraging for northern wild berries and poutine nectar.

But hunting and gathering soon grew tiresome for our bulky young heroine.

She one day decided “This town ain’t big enough for the one of me” and moved her milkcrate full of cats down to the big smoke.

Tess tried to make it in the pictures….everybody wants to be in the moving picture shows.

Miss Marie really did quite well until the glamorous lifestyle led her into a downward spiral of drugs, women and cat themed calendars.

Sir Thomas of Meadowcroft hails from the Shire of Nottingham in Engerland where he lived a good life as a knave.

Three sisters tall and as skinny as a bamboo kebab skewer, Sir Thomas was built for exploration and in 2005 his squinty eyes were opened to the possibility of a life abroad.

He packed up his panties and set sail for the big city of Toronto, Canada where he milled around for a couple of years and got swept up into the Canadian film industry of all things.

After a couple of years and a defunct visa, Sir Thomas fled back to the Shire were he remained in hiding until September of 2010 when he bravely and triumphantly returned to the Hogtown and promptly met Miss Tessers.

Their mutual appetites for eating the world created a tight bond between the two heroes. Some may say too tight.

They dreamed of one day trading their cats for a sail boat and drifting off into the great blue unknown.

In the Summer of 2011 they started drawing up blueprints for their boat and putting “For Sale” signs around the cats’ necks with a view to weighing anchor the following Spring.

Summer turned to Fall, Fall to Winter and now the Spring is upon us along with this blog to track their adventures together across the globe.


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